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Why spend money on satellite radio when you can hear all the new rock right here?  Most FM radio stations wait until a new rock song gets to the top of the rock chart before adding it to their playlist.  But we believe in sharing the freshest new rock with planet earth first!  You'll never hear songs from the 90's or the early 2000's either, cause we just don't play that way...

Say goodbye to the hotheaded loud mouth personalities that talk over the new rock, you won't find them here!  Grab your favorite adult beverage, and enjoy the new rock!  We like requests to, tell us what you want to hear at:

Also, the pages you see listed above are not clickable just yet, as they are still being developed.  For now, you can find the latest rock news on our Facebook page and Twitter page!


Thanks for listening, rock is not dead!


















Today's New Rock The Lion Internet Radio

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Founder/Programming: Jesse Erickson


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