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Today's New Rock The Lion, is a streaming audio service born and bred online, and is one of the few radio stations of its kind to have a direct focus on playing new rock without making you sit through 70's and 80's classic rock to get to the new stuff!  We specialize in adding the newest songs from today's core rock artists to our playlist before our competition.

The 90's was an awesome generation for alternative rock, and although rock music has definitely changed, it is our promise to you to always play the best new rock the music industry has to offer.

From Breaking Benjamin to Hellyeah and Papa Roach to Sevendust, plus new artists just breaking into the rock scene! We also go beyond radio singles and play hand picked deep tracks and cover tunes from today's rock artists... 
This is the Best New Rock For The World, so open your favorite adult beverage and crank us up.   We hope you tell your friends and co-workers about your new online choice for new rock!

If heading out, download the Radionomy app from the app store on your smart device to take us with you..  Launch the app, search Today's New Rock The Lion, press play and rock!


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DISCLAIMER: Because The Lion is not controlled by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) we are not required to play clean versions of songs that contain explicit lyrics.